Landscape Enhancements

Let’s face it, everything in this world wears out eventually and perhaps your landscape needs a ”face lift”. If so, we have the experience and resources to help improve the appearance of your property in a professional and cost effective way.

Working With Cameron Landscaping Can Be Very Rewarding
Whether you simply want to improve the “curb appeal” or require a full scale renovation, Cameron Landscaping has the equipment and experienced landscape specialists to undertake any project you have in mind. With the assistance of our staff to provide advice and guidance, you can achieve the desired results quickly. Results that people will notice. Naturally, we’ll let you take the credit! Click here to Request a Quote.

Our Landscape Enhancement Services Include:

  • Full time landscape specialist available for onsite consultation.
  • Written recommendations for improving the appearance of your overall facility.
  • Provision of budget figures to enable immediate or gradual implementation of contemplated projects.
  • Detailed drawings for extensive projects are available and can be provided for a modest fee.

Landscape Enhancements Available:

  • Complete installation of new landscapes or removal and renovation of existing
  • Sodding, seeding, grading and turf renovation
  • Supply and installation of:
    • Trees, shrubs, and other plant materials
    • Soil amendments, new soils and compost
    • Decorative mulches and wood chips
    • Pebbles and coloured aggregates
    • Landscape rocks and boulders
    • Patio pots and planters
    • Irrigation systems
    • Interlocking stone
    • Precast walls, steps and planters
    • Precast Pavers
  • Floral Displays – including design, and installation of:
    • Spring Bulbs
    • Perennials
    • Summer Annuals
    • Fall Mums
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Always ahead of the season

138 Fenmar Drive, Toronto, M9L 1M6
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