Ice Control

We understand the importance building Owners, Managers and Employers place on ensuring the safety of staff, tenants and visitors. The potential liability from property damage, accidents, lost time and personal injury slip and fall claims pose a threat to the bottom line of employers and building owners alike.

When it comes to ice control, Cameron Landscaping takes its responsibilities seriously. We employ full time Area Supervisors who continually inspect your job sites during snow and ice storms, coordinating personnel and resources to ensure timely ice control and verifying safe conditions have been established on your property. During periods of thaw-freeze when water run off can create dangerous “black ice”, we inspect your site and treat those areas that need it. In dealing with the liability associated with winter icing, we know the best defense is a strong offense. Click here to Request a Quote.

De-Icing Products
Prior to the commencement of each season, we purchase and secure a large volume of ice control products to minimize any disruption in the supply chain of de-icing products due to seasonal shortages associated with severe winters. This allows us to respond immediately to any event without reliance on outside suppliers during a snow and ice event.

Bulk Products

  • Traditional road salt
  • Organically enhanced road salt *Environmentally friendly alternative
  • Winter sand & salt mix

Bagged Products

  • Rock Salt
  • Calcium flakes or pellets
  • Landscapers Choice *Environmentally friendly alternative
  • Lava Melt *Environmentally friendly alternative
  • Urea Pellets *Environmentally friendly alternative

Ice Control Fleet

  • Single and tandem axle highway type spreaders
  • ¾ and 1 ton slide-in hopper spreaders for difficult areas or roof deck parking applications
  • Epoke drop spreaders for sidewalk surface areas
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Always ahead of the season

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