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Cameron Landscaping Inc. was founded in 1967 by brothers John & Dave Cameron under the name Cameron Brothers Landscaping. Initially, the company serviced primarily residential clients, but over time the company’s focus changed to meeting the needs of industrial and commercial clients. By 1971 the company was totally immersed in meeting the Grounds Maintenance and Snow Removal needs of industrial and commercial clients exclusively.

In 1979 Greg Cameron joined the company on a full time basis, and over the years, John, Dave and Greg guided the business as it continued to expand its range of services and list of clients. By the mid to late 80’s, Cameron Landscaping was firmly established as one of the larger, more successful, and reputable Grounds Care firms in the GTA.

In 1998 after 31 years, John Cameron retired while Dave and Greg continued to manage the company. The continuity in management, ongoing attention to detail and customer service resulted in further growth and an ever-expanding base of loyal clients.

In the fall of 2003, Dave Cameron also retired with Greg Cameron becoming the company’s president and CEO.  With the departure of the remaining founding partner, the company’s name was changed to Cameron Landscaping Inc. to better reflect its sole ownership status, and continuance as a family business.

From its humble beginnings in 1967, Cameron Landscaping Inc. currently employs over 40 staff members during the summer, and expands to over 120 during the winter. Our staff is dedicated to providing a complete range of year-round grounds care services and are an integral part to maintaining the high standards of integrity and customer service on which the company’s reputation has been built upon.

138 Fenmar Drive, Toronto, M9L 1M6    P: 416.749.2371    F: 416.749.2376 Login

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138 Fenmar Drive, Toronto, M9L 1M6
P: 416.749.2371          Login

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