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From North York to Markham, Cameron Landscaping provides Toronto’s most reliable snow removal services in Markham, Vaughan and ice maintenance services. We have the experience, and industry know-how to keep your property free of snow and ice throughout the entire winter. We are the best at what we do, and come equipped take care of even the most challenging weather.

24/7 Weather Monitoring for Freezing rain, Sleet and Snow Accumulation. We provide Unlimited Visits and Automatic Property Patrols during storms.

On-site or Off-site Snow Removal & Relocation. Commercial and Industrial Properties can rely on our friendly crews to keep their premises safe, clear, and accessible all winter long.

We apply traditional road salt, environmentally friendly ice melter, as well as sand & salt mixes after every visit to prevent falls and keep walkways snow and ice free.

How can we help you

When the winter months promise to bring snowy and icy conditions, Cameron Landscaping has a full team of professionals available to deal with the fallout.  We use a hands-on, pro-active approach. Assigning a Area Supervisor to each property allows us to give each commercial site the personal attention it deserves. By employing our full fleet of over 75 trucks for commercial snow plowing and management and using the latest technologically advanced products, we are able to dedicate our maximum efforts to clearing roadways and walkways.

Cameron is connected with an advanced weather service for up-to-the- minute details on any emerging or ongoing weather event across the state of Toronto.  We provide each property with a team of well-experienced professionals who not only keep detailed storm records, but who also are readily committed to accident prevention. Procedures like documenting temperatures, receiving condition reports, allotting specific times and locations where equipment and material are to be used, and ensuring on-site personnel follow strict arrival/departure times are all in place to guarantee accountability to every inch of your property.

During the winter season qualified personnel are engaged in monitoring forecasted weather events and patrolling your properties for the development of snow and ice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This allows us to respond quickly to developing conditions and minimize the time required to address.

Our full time Area Supervisors are in the field continually co-ordinating resources to ensure timely ice & snow removal in Vaughan and Markham. Their ongoing documented inspection verifies service & safety standards on your property are being maintained. In managing the nuisance and risks of winter, we pay attention to the details that matter.



Full-Time Area Supervisors for every site to ensure quality control 


24/7 Weather Monitoring for Freezing rain, Sleet and Snow Accumulation 


GPS Tracking and On-site Property Assessments 


Ongoing Property Patrols and Condition Reports during Storms.

Automatic Dispatch with a fleet of over 150 trucks, loaders, dump trucks and tractors. 

Sidewalk Clearance with Snow Blowers & Commercial sidewalk tractors 

Excess Snow Clearance with On Site Snow Relocation 

Off-Site Snow Removal 

“You Call & We Haul” Policy 

De-icing & Complete Ice Control to prevent slips and falls.

(Traditional Road Salt & Environmentally Friendly Ice Melter, as well as Sand & Salt Mix available )

Regular Property Patrols for Snow Accumulation 

Daily Safety & Service Inspections 

Client Service Updates & Reports

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